A Professional Millefeuille!

The question came to the office via e-mail to expertise@dolcesalato.com:
Dear Maestro Riccardo Magni,
I have more than one question to ask you. What is the best way to use flaky puff pastry… a recipe and technique. And then … a suitable cream filling for the classic millefeuille slice. Thanks a lot.

Riccardo Magni, prestigious professional blogger, artist, an Italian and international pastry, chocolate and ice cream consultant, teacher at the best Italian professional schools, answers our webReader’s question.
Flaky puff pastry for millefeuille:
600g strong flour (280w)
1kg butter
400g water
400g white wine
40g salt
40g malt powder
1.5kg strong flour (280w)
Mix the flour and butter to form a 3cm high block. Leave to cool. Mix the other ingredients to form the dough. Leave to cool. Place the block in the dough and cut four rounds of four (see diagram). Leave to rest for 1 hour between each, to stabilize the pastry and optimize the flaking process during cooking. Leave to rest for 12 hours at 4°C prior to use.

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180g sugar
40g rice starch
0.5 g salt
180g yolk
400g milk
100g cream
the zest of 1/2 a lemon
1/2 a vanilla pod
Sift the dry ingredients and add the yolks whilst whipping slightly. Add the milk, previously brought to a boil with the vanilla and lemon.
Heat gradually and add the cream. Stir and cool quickly and leave to cool. Store at 4°C.26

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