Excellent products for an exceptional chef

Frédéric Bourse, a high-level eclectic professional, has selected DIA as professional partner. He has been chosen by the company for his skilful interpretation of its range of products in original suggestions, which are easy to replicate.

Precision, flair, skill and good taste characterize all of Frédéric Bourse’s creations. His endless passion for the art of taste, in all its forms, encourages him to continually search for new innovative techniques. His work as International consultant has allowed him to discover other cultures and flavours, which he uses to enrich and evolve the traditional Italian pastries.

He his attentive to the demands of the market and uses different products to creatively combine flavour, colour and shape harmoniously, with special attention paid to aiding the pastry chef’s work. The pâtissier chef chooses ingredients which have been selected for their quality, genuineness and technical support. Features that are always found in DIA’s high-quality extensive product range. The agreement confirms the partnership between the Vicenza company and the master pastry chef, who has been a company testimonial for over two decades.

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