Pastry World Champions

Campioni del Mondo, Campioni del Mondo, Campioni del Mondo!
Emmanuele Forcone, Fabrizio Dantone e Francesco Boccia, are the members of a team that’s going to enter the hall of fame of Italian Pastry.
In Lyon, France, during the Fairshow Sirha, twenty one nations competed the Finals of the Coupe du Monde de Pâtisserie. Experts opinion says the quality level of the teams has been higher than ever. Above all, Italian pastry chefs stunned the jury and the audience with “Neverland” themed desserts.
An Hook called “Elegance” was the dessert on a plate (a massive difficult creation which included biancomangiare, a crispy waffle, lime and vanilla ganache, almond gelato, lemon infusion and strawberry and raspberry caramel envelope).
The masterpiece was the artistic pièce in which a Sugar Captain Hook, in balance, on the alligator teeth, confronts a chocolate Peter Pan.
Despite a little points penalty caused by a delay in the exhibition of the desserts Team Italy, captained by Alessandro Dalmasso, beated Japan, Silver Medal, and United States, Bronze Medal.

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