Costa Group goes organic for Campagna Amica’s sales outlet

The Agricultural Consortium of Poggibonsi is opening a new sales venue: a market which brings together consumers and producers, under the common aegis of supporting Italian agriculture, with respect to the supply chain, production and the environment. The whole project is being sponsored by Campagna Amica, the foundation that supports Italian agriculture, promoting quality in the development processes of the land, man and the environment.
The new sales venue is a Costa Group project. The setting invokes the spirit of a real Italian market, a perfect stage for all the different produce: fruits, vegetables, cheeses, wines and cured meats, all of which make it really come alive. The venue in Poggibonsi focuses on the necessity of materials and furniture, elements which really enhance the products on display, and creates a place where touching and tasting is simple and natural, for example, like taking a slice off a Tuscan prosciutto or popping open a bottle of Chianti. Like the one-time market stalls, it is a place where the hands of the producer meet the hands of the consumer, where the wine, its vineyard and every other product tell the story of the journey they took to get there. A “slow” journey of 0 km, made in the wake of a philosophy that strives for excellence, inspired by what nature creates, a way of thinking that entices you to choose high quality seasonal produce. Shelves, walls, lights, counters: everything thought of by the Agricultural Consortium is intended to promote the genuineness of this culture of high quality Italian food and drink. The craftsmanship of Costa Group’s work marries itself to Campagna Amica’s proposal: to give life to a path that, day after day, will continue to produce new fruits. Project, study and decor: Costa Group, arch. Sara Paveto. Consorzio Agrario, Via Borgaccio, 9 Poggibonsi – Siena.

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