How to measure your own profitability online

A site which allows you to assess the productivity of your business online and to identify the most interesting areas for expansion of said business – this is the idea of Carpigiani, which resulted in Carpigiani Partner, a site that the company created for all “dessert entrepreneurs”. Using it is simple, just insert a bit of basic information about your business in the form that appears on the homepage and then start the calculation. However in order to access a more in-depth evaluation, which also analyses the potential for sales and customer base expansion, it is necessary to register first.

“The tool”, explains the company, “bases its concrete figures on data for the national consumption of dessert products in the artisan sector and represents a new way to approach seasonal adjustment of products that means adapting oneself to the consumer trends of the population”.

The objective is to encourage artisans to create innovative products in order to acquire new market shares and to increase margins, thereby generating more profit for the company in question. To do so, this innovative tool makes suggestions for any additional production and of course the most suitable equipment needed to streamline the production process.

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