Alberto Marchetti, the ice cream parlors of dreams!

An Alberto Marchetti ice cream parlor opened last autumn n in Milan, in Viale Monte Nero 73. First Turin, Alassio and Rome but now it is the turn of Lombardy’s capital city, Milan. Alberto, what makes your ice cream so special? “The ingredient that you will always find in my creations: passion. I make my ice cream following family recipes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t experiment. I always choose excellent ingredients, I only use natural products and I never add anything unnecessary.” What are the winter flavors? “Mandarin, green apple, pear, lemon, extra dark chocolate, stracciatella, custard, bonet (a soft, rich dessert from the Piedmont region), farina Bona (a type of corn flour from Switzerland), nut brittle, plain vanilla, pistachio and chocolate”. What is it about the beauty of ice cream? “Everyone likes it, but especially children”. How do you present it to children? “I work with a few primary schools in Turin. In the last year I have worked with a good 74 classes! It’s easy: I explain it, I let them taste it, I reconstruct the magic of the lab, I try to get them to make it. A little coloring book was born out of this experience, called “Il Gelato nutre la Fantasia” (Ice cream feeds the imagination)”. What are the three words which best describe your work? “Trusting, caring and sharing”. Alberto considers himself a creator of ice cream, careful of tradition but also disposed to experimentation and above all to promote ice cream in restaurants. “Along my professional path I have met Igor Macchia, a young “star” chef from the “Credenza di San Maurizio Canavese” restaurant, who, like me, loves to experiment, to try out and to combine ingredients. From working together the desire was born to look for the dessert ice cream that would go well on the menu of a big restaurant but at the same time one that could be enjoyed in an ice cream parlor as well. For example, we came up with the ice cream sandwich and the egg-pasta cannelloni with pumpkin ice cream.” What was your childhood dream? “To open an ice cream parlor abroad”.

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